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A Northern Light is a popular novel by American author Elizabeth Gaskell. The plot is based on the true events of the novel’s title. The study guide features detailed character analysis of themes and events. It also includes chapter summaries. If you are a student who is trying to complete the novel on your own, this study guide is the perfect resource for you. It includes everything you need to know to make the most of your reading experience.


A Northern Light study guide contains information on characters and themes in the novel. This study guide covers everything from chapter summaries to character analysis. The narrator, Mattie Gokey, is the eldest daughter who has to care for her siblings and father. She works nonstop to make ends meet, and she believes that becoming a writer will provide her with the self-fulfillment she is seeking. In addition, her brother has moved away and her father cannot support her.

A Northern Light is an American historical novel for young adults, also known as A Gathering Light in the United Kingdom. The story takes place in 1906 in northern Herkimer County, New York. The story centers on the murder of Grace Brown, a young woman who was staying at the Glenmore Hotel. Mattie Gokey, who had previously given the young woman a bundle of letters to burn, had forgotten that the letters were in her pocket. As a result, she feels a mysterious complicity with the dead woman, and the uneasy certainty that her life will forever be changed.


A Northern Light is a powerful novel that explores the role of family and responsibility. In the novel, Mattie Gokey, an older sister, must care for her younger sisters and her father while working nonstop to make ends meet. Her father, a drunkard, leaves the family farm, leaving her with two younger sisters. Mattie must decide what she values in life and whether or not she will take responsibility for her future.

The Northern Light study guide has numerous features to help students analyze the novel and answer common questions. This study guide provides chapter summaries, character analysis, and themes. It includes supplemental material, including historical background, vocabulary, writing tasks, and context clues. You can also find study guides for other books by A. J. Cronin. Most of these study guides are free, but some of them require the use of Adobe Reader.


The plot of A Northern Light is a fascinating read. It follows Mattie Gokey, a sixteen-year-old girl, who must care for her younger sisters, her father, and herself. She works non-stop to support herself and her siblings, while attempting to keep up with the demands of the family farm. After her brother runs away, Mattie finds herself in the position of being responsible for her sisters’ well-being.

A Northern Light is a historical novel for young adults written by Jennifer Donnelly. It is set in 1906, and the background of the famed Grace Brown murder case is the background of the story. While the fictional protagonist prepares to move on to college, she must return home and work on her family’s farm. The book is praised for its rich characterization of the lives of adolescent women in the 20th century.


The plot of A Northern Light is a classic bildungsroman. Mattie is a teenage girl when her mother dies. She had promised her mother that she would remain on the family farm until her death. Mattie must figure out what she values, and how to take ownership of her life. The story is told in a quiet way, avoiding the heavy-handed tactics of modern feminists.

The story centers on the liberation of women in a society that discourages women from pursuing their dreams. Mattie Brown longs to be a writer, but a husband who loves her for the right reasons. Her choice in the end defines the next century for women. The novel also touches on racial injustice, as Mattie’s best friend, Weaver, is the only African-American in her town. Her dream is to attend Columbia University, but she is forced to work on her family’s farm until she can save up for school. The town’s destruction of the Brown family’s house and money for school is a sign of the author’s frustrations with social and economic conditions.


“A Northern Light” is a young adult novel written by Jennifer Donnelly. The story follows Mattie Gokey, a passionate young woman who struggles with a patriarchal society and is forced to stay home and work on her family’s farm. However, she is given a full scholarship to Barnard College and is eager to attend, but she’s also under strict orders to take care of her younger sisters and father. She tries to navigate this social norm while still finding her own story and taking care of her family.

The study guide provides a comprehensive overview of the novel, which is part of the acclaimed Literary Newsmakers for Students series from Gale. It includes detailed analysis of plot, character, and author, as well as study questions, historical context, and suggestions for further reading. The guide is an excellent resource for any literature project. The book also includes a helpful bibliography of further readings. As an educational tool, A Northern Light is a great choice for high school students who need an easy way to complete the novel’s study questions.

Jennifer Donnelly

In addition to reading the book, you can also use the study guide to review what you’ve read. A Northern Light is a work of historical fiction for young adults set in 1906 Herkimer County, New York. The novel is set against the backdrop of the famous murder case of Grace Brown. In addition to its historical setting, the book’s characterization of adolescent life in America during the 1920s is very rich.

The plot of Jennifer Donnelly’s novel is compelling, and its characters are believable and complex. The details of rural life are especially fascinating, and Donnelly uses vivid imagery to show how people in the region lived. Herkimer Country was once a thriving tourist destination, but now it’s a sleepy town where summer camps for wealthy tourists are booming. The book also explores life in the region, from isolationist farms to supply boats and one-room schools.

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