Where is Churchill Northern Studies Centre?

For many people, Churchill is synonymous with Canada’s arctic region and their fascination with the North. In 1976, the Churchill Northern Studies Centre opened for business, as a nonprofit organization dedicated to science education. Located at the meeting point of three major biomes, the Churchill Northern Studies Centre offers a unique environment to pursue scientific endeavors. Those who visit Churchill are often surprised at just how educational the experience is, and will likely want to return again.


The Churchill Northern Studies Centre is a registered charity, which promotes research and education in the Arctic region of Canada. The Centre has many activities to offer the general public, including educational programs, tours, and research. In addition to its research programs, the Centre hosts educational trips in polar bear biology and ecology. Volunteers also serve as instructors. A visit to the Centre is a memorable experience. Here, participants can learn about the unique wildlife of Churchill.


The Churchill Northern Studies Centre (CNSC) is a nonprofit research station that offers nature study tours and courses in the sub-arctic environment. CNSC courses are taught by qualified instructors, and all proceeds benefit research in the Canadian sub-arctic. The CNSC also welcomes school and youth groups to participate in the facility’s many programs. The CNSC is located 24 km/15 mi east of Churchill. Visitors can reach the CNSC by taking Launch Road.

CNSC research

CNSC facilitates northern studies and links scientists and teachers in the south and north to create a high-quality educational experience in the remote north. The Centre coordinates research and teaching activities in the Churchill area. It has supported over 300 researchers, including over 500 PhDs, who have published over five hundred papers and theses on polar bear ecology and climate change. Researchers and students at the Centre have also studied polar bear behaviour, native studies, and tourism.

CNSC education

The CNSC is located in Churchill, a city that is a crossroads for three major biomes, the polar bear den, and the Hudson Bay Lowland, the largest peatland in North America. The CNSC has invested $20 million in the area’s research infrastructure, including the construction of a new LEED Gold building. This will allow scientists to better study the region’s unique wildlife and ecosystems.

CNSC polar bear viewing dome

The CNSC is Canada’s only open-year-round northern field research center and is located on the Churchill River, where freshwater enters the marine ecosystem of Hudson Bay. The centre was built as a community-based organization within the Churchill Wildlife Management Area, and serves Canadian universities, government agencies and international organizations. Visitors to the CNSC can watch polar bears and observe their migration activity.

CNSC observation station

When you visit Churchill, Manitoba, be sure to take a visit to the CNSC observation station. This facility was founded as an independent, non-profit research center to conduct research in northern areas. It is situated 23 km east of Churchill and provides an intimate setting for a variety of projects. Guests can also take university-level courses and general public scientific classes. During your visit, don’t forget to take in the northern lights and take in the incredible view.

CNSC nature study tours

The Churchill Natural Science Centre (CNSC) is an internationally renowned field station dedicated to understanding the Canadian North and its inhabitants. It attracts top researchers from around the world and offers educational programs in an environment that emphasizes hands-on experience. The centre is home to a hydroponic garden and a self-contained polar bear camp. CNSC nature study tours to Churchill Northern Studies can take place during fall and winter.

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